I guess there is no better place then the main page to fill you in on myself and why I love being a cinematographer.

    From a very young age I wanted to work in film. In middle school I began shooting short films and news reports for the school TV station; then in High school I fell in love with photography. When I began thinking about where my place in the industry would be; I began focusing on the photography. But how would I make my mark, how would I enter the field?

When I started really looking at cinematography as a career, I began analyzing my favorite current cinematographers, Janusz Kaminski, Roger Deakins, Wally Pfister, Robert Richardson, Emmanuel Lubezki & Darius Khondji (To name only a few). I sat and analyzed and focused on what really sets those men apart from others. After a short time I came to my own conclusion; that it was not only their camera work, but in large part it was their understanding of lighting The way they manipulate the darks and the colors, the way they so effortlessly make things pop of the screen, the way they give life to the world that appears within their frame.

This revelation lead me to choosing the lighting department as a starting point. As I worked my way up to Gaffer I gained even more respect for the art of lighting, and actually began to loose respect for many low end indie and commercial "Cinematographers"; individuals who never learned how to light or shoot. Guys who's only qualification for the job was the ownership of a camera.

        While on my journey to DP I did have the pleasure of working and learning from some extremely talented Dp’s, Individual’s who’s work shows an understanding that caused me to really gain a personal focus, and concentrate on understanding their choices.

After several years of gaffing everything from Commercials to Features, I decided to begin my transition to full time cinematographer. I now feel I have the knowledge base and the background to handle any situation on set.

I love the feeling of creation, the feeling of truly collaborating with a Director in creating the world our characters live in. The art of painting every frame with light, color and characters. I am a huge fan of capturing the image on set and not relying on post color grading to give us the contrast and color tempts we want.



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